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Red Indian Moon
She moves like the silent moon
Over red land in the heart

She destroys the defenses
And makes the warriors weak and ache

She barrels down potions
While the night sky can only look on

I stand in her shadows wishing on sacred lands
And learn the art of sacrifice

Dozens bow to her beauty and silence
People gather and pray to the natural

She hears the beats of the drum
As I attempt to listen to the beats of her heart

She dances in the sun fields
And makes senseless of the innocent

She is still as a windless day
Making the current strong in the mighty river

Her eyes are life fire power
Strong and deadly to the look of desire

Her beauty is no comparison to mother nature
Or to the doves in the clouds

Her scent makes flowers unite
And men speechless with smiles

I know her well under the bright moon
And know the sudden dance of redness

All I can do is dance around in patterns of joy
And circle like an eagle hunter that is blind

 2000 David Greg Harth @ New York City @ New York City