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Red Stadium Light
Red stadium light
Pentrated you and I

She was silhouetted
All I can see was bright light

Tingle through my veins
Blood boiling

Warmth from the blast
She was dancing high above

Standing on the chairs
Facing forward towards the light

Grooving, Powerful, Feeling
Falling from aeroplanes
Catching yourself in the net of love

Reaching, Holding her
My hand on her waist
From behind

Red stadium light
It ignited us
Made my flames burn
Made my tears think
Made my feet tumble from underneath me

Red stadium light
Rained down upon me
Blue sky overnight
Warm air breathed in

She danced in front of me
Like fire in the wind
Like sails in the sea
Like dandelions in the field

Red stadium light
It bounced all around us
My head down in shame
Leaving with nothing

I saw the insides
I explored
I had my twist
I had my time

Now all I can do is walk away
Walk out
Before its too late
Before you go
Before the red light goes down
Before the sky turns to dawn

Now all I can do is walk towards you
Walk in
After you have given
After you came
After the red light goes down
After the stars goto sleep

But before I go
Or after I go
Know this
The red light is always on
The stadium lights are always on
Until a box is let loose

 2000 David Greg Harth @ 1515 NYC