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Reluctant Heart

Bellowing deep below the earth's crust
Carnivores and whores
Of all nations, creed and blood

They form in lines
So far as the fifth eye can see
Lining up, center straight

With teeth that scrape side's post
They scratch, they etch
Leave their name, leave their mark

Private sales, one week at a time
Entering the common man's lift
To be hidden in cloaks of emperor's past

Institution's possession
Difference only by technique and wealth
Each labeled in a jar on a shelf


Be forth
Forbidden path, road unlike the former trinity
Passage of light now seen by known

On the length of moon's night
A sparrow's song silenced
Thorns removed from their keeper's position

Even thy enemies venerate her
Revealing innocent vulnerability
All mend their exhausted time frames

Exchanged in torridness
Captured at dawn's rise
Now fertile with unexpected seed

Embark on your odyssey
Take the howling winds ahead
Question nothing but the sea's roar


Voyage hesitant of momentum
Calming calls abandoned, echoed against walls
Secrets confessed in the widow's room

Opening to the great abyss
Void now filled with pillars of salt
Stolen and still

Sinking to the bottom, the deep
Voiceless creatures howl
All is quiet, vacant and unheard

Uncertain of compass' direction
Opposing outcome destined
Confined to one's vault of desolation

Witness deceased aging with disease
Not a fatal thrust of a stone dagger can please
Enduring a grand death, brought to thy knees

 2009 David Greg Harth