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Oh, darling, I hear your voice calling
Oh, darling, I smell your bounding scent on my sheets
Oh, darling, I taste your lips in my horizons

Rescue me from this pain I'm in
Rescue me from this cruel world
Rescue me from this symphony of love

Oh, darling, I see you in the daylight
Oh, darling, I view you in my dreams
Oh, darling, I listen to your beating heart

Rescue me from the poetry at the tip of my tongue
Rescue me from the thoughts I've had for years
Rescue me from the love I lack

Oh, darling, I wish you were here
Oh, darling, I can't get you out of my mind
Oh, darling, I dream of you daily

Rescue me from this horrible sea
Rescue me from this quest I have for you
Rescue me from this struggle I'm in

Oh, darling, I want you in my arms
Oh, darling, I would die every day for your love
Oh, darling, I knew the falling would be hard

Rescue me from this unbearable disease
Rescue me from this unhappy emptiness
Rescue me from this uncontrollable suffering

Rescue me from the need I have
Rescue me from the desire I live
Rescue me from the heart ache

Oh darling, you're the one,
Oh darling, I've waited so long,
Oh darling, come into my arms,

Oh darling, Oh darling,
Rescue me, Rescue me.

 2003 David Greg Harth