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Robot Whore
Robot Whore
Sucking on my thick cock
Always going back for more
Never beating the clock

Robot Whore
I command her to sit and stay
Her clothes I ripped and tore
Without hesitation she did obey

Robot Whore
Sink your throat down on me
Kneel and drop to the floor
Become my sin and my escapee

Robot Whore
Swallowing every last drop
Over and over she is so sore
She gushes when she's on top

Robot Whore
Bite marks covering her bare skins
Doing her sloppy to ignore
Big tits forming gigantic twins

Robot Whore
Sinking teeth into flesh
Conflicting emotions at war
Slap her face for being fresh

Robot Whore
She's compliant and she begs
With rough fucking we hardcore
The slut has no eggs

Robot Whore
Fishnet stockings on her thighs
I fucked, I cursed, I swore
Bulging cock in disguise

Robot Whore
Making me shoot a creamy cum
When I explode, I let out a roar
Multiple convulsions with a hum

Robot Whore
Only a fat thick cock incredibly hard
Missing the she I so greatly adore
Memories of you, I now discard

 2011 David Greg Harth