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I like the smell of your grape breath
Your New Jersey hairspray
I see your piglett ass
Tight red shirt and blonde hair
Like an ambitious tour and cherished moment
Silver shirt like the shot-gun used to wear
And I have hung
Your goods are baked just right
I'll never forget handcuffing you
And recalling stories about what he did to you
In that limousine

I took a train ride and met them in Westchester
I took a train ride and met them in Long Island
I took a train ride and met them in Brooklyn
I took a ferry ride and met her in Fort Lee
I could have taken a ferry ride and met them in Staten Island
And I remember the joke my grandfather used to say

I collected the photographs
Didn't take any yet
I have to phone her back
Wish I had a clock
And a few extra bucks

Thankyou for the Oreo cookies
It was quite a dinner!
Where is she, I want to lay beside her
And whisper sweet poetry in her ear
Thankyou for the strawberries
I'll trace your inner thigh with my finger
Later tonight

They didnąt have a good selection in Denver
I payed in Seattle
Bermuda had free ones on the beach
Give me some Mahi-Mahi and bananas too

Wishing upon a star is silly
Hey, you, yes you -
Would you take a shower with me?
God I love showers.
Soapy wet, yum yum!
I wonder who it is
A reader? A volunteer? A hider?

It's time to go
I'll get the door
Look who it is
Dressed inappropiately tonight
Who hates that word?
I was once on a cruise ship and tossed plates to the sharks
Not to mention that Richard threw a beach chair over board
Did I say that? Did I make that up?
It's kind of like the Ten Commandments yet I have a bible
I'm a witness are you?
Time to get romantic

© 1999 David Greg Harth @ 296 NYC