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Running Without You
I'm running through these fields of golden wheat
Following the path of my fire so sweet

Past the cottonwoods and the music of meadowlarks
My heart speaks to me and tells me to follow the sparks

Insides ache with emptiness, we grieve
Together, our stories have only begun to weave

I'm running past the descent of the sun
There is only you, the destination of my run

Depart your harbor and hoist up the sail
I'll run around this earth and send you air mail

Catch the winds that lead you to my heart
Its impossible for our love to depart

I'm running beneath the sea
Searching for the perfect place for you and me

Our threads of passion have intertwined
No longer is our love hidden and blind

Let your dreams incubate with mine
Love like this is only once, so divine

I'm running towards you with my key
Unlock yourself before our December jubilee

My tumbled scar is healed, removed the suture
Repair my heart, so let us share our future

Our balcony on the mediterranean will wait
Accompany me into love's gate

I'm running without you today
I know once you are in, long you will stay

Giving up is not an option for the two
The life we live is not quite through

Bid farewell to that port
It is I who will be your aisle escort

 2006 David Greg Harth