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Blow me into the heaven I belong
Make me feel the pain that I have caused
Demonstrate the suffering I only dreamed of
Become the death beat in my pulse

Remind me of my fathers love
Listen to my buffalo thoughts roam
Tear open my skin and reveal my truths
Prevent me from eating the disease

Make me shiver in the coldness of tonight
Deliver your message with more conditions and rules
Show me the reflection of the past and image of the future
Become the agony from which I cry from

Get lost with my soul and make me beg for life
Reach for the sockets that hold my art sight
Make me wash my clothes continuously and never remain with the blood
Become my fallen teeth nightmare and crack me

Settle the upwards issue
Blow to my brains that will be televised
Let the hollow hole bring light to the earth from which a flower does not grow
Restore my history with your learned beauty

Stare at my darkness and hidden causes
Make me think about swallowing and never do
Feed me to the pit and make me never decompose
Cut loose the ties which bound me to my beliefs

Make a run for the silent hills
Make me shackled and naked and false
Make me love until I ache in fetal pain
And forget about me as I become my gorgeous depersonalized self

 2000 David Greg Harth @ 296 NYC @ 296 NYC @ 296 NYC