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Your smelly stench
  Encompasses me

Raw fish sea-weed armpits
Whirlwind of gunk
  Around my body

As I hide and pray
  And prey

You lift your arms for strength
  And a breeze

But all you give me is hell
  As Marley sings in my head

Feelings rust out
  And your science fiction novel
  Ignites in flames
  From your dirty scum-disease

Welcome to Puberty
Aint no Fuckin' 'Can

Do use?
As I spray and splat bugs
On the back of your thicket of a head

Come on Rebel Rebel
Dog biting Warhol
And you 60's Dick Scratcher

Take your filthy
Nighttime for school girls
Back to your Wife!

And remember
The carpet I put
Down for her
For her!

Take your whiskey
  Saturated hairy ears
And mop up the urine
  You left behind

Smelly fuck!
You wanna piece of me!?
You want it!?

Fuck you!

 1998 David Greg Harth