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Tough Guy
5 foot, 8 inch Italian
Shot 8 times, stabbed too many
Slick hair
His right eye flickers
     from a gunshot wound
The scars point out
     entries and exits of bullets
Bulging veins cover his arms
He is off the Thorazine and doesn't do the suffle
He is on new medication,
     medication that could put 8 horses to sleep
His huge appetite consumes all the hospital food
He brushed his teeth until his gums bled
A rough life
Lost his father at a young age,
     supported his mother and siter,
     and grew up in a world of drugs
     and destroyed his life
A delivery man and a lumberjack,
a seller and a buyer
He cared and understood
He's changing his life now,
I made him laugh,
and he helped me understand.
He helped me, and I helped him
A stranger, then a friend, and now a memory
He was Guy Scott
I called him Scott
He respects life now and has changed
He was Guy Scott, a friend, a gift from God.

 1998 David Greg Harth