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Sea Garden
You are my mermaid
Flowing in and out of my life
The current takes you to my heart

The very depths of which
You have made your home
Settled inside my cave of emotions

A breeze above the sea blows
Trade winds bring you near
Then take you far

You are my pearl
My greatest discovery
A hidden treasure found

My every day paradise
My heart's companion
The spell which has kept me

Sea creatures of the North
Golden chariots take us forth
To my kingdom of love under the sea
A place for you and me

Sea creatures of the South
Put your rose lips to my mouth
Let your eyes look beyond the sea
Open wide and tell me that I am he

Sea creatures of the East
My eyes upon you have never seen such a feast
In this blue water sea
It is time to be with thee

Sea creatures of the West
I know you wish to settle in my nest
Where you and I become one with the sea
No more shall I make plea

Ride the waves of the world
Don't let yourself miss the wind
For the zephyr has taken you to my arms

Continue to capture it and seize it
Let the winds lead you further
To the hands I offer and heart I open

A new dawn has risen
Rays of the sun penetrate these waters
My blue eyes are not yet ice

Opportunity has knocked on the hull
Lets make love as the sails ripen us
It's time to throw the nautical charts to the wind

Filled with intellectual delight and exquisite beauty
You are my everything love
My garden beneath the sea

 2006 David Greg Harth