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Selfish Learning
Velvet Elvis hangs on the mango wall
The elderly couple walk in from early-bird
   and the dog races
Last week it thunder rained
This week all sunshine

She used dry chalk for make up
And rotated Q-tips in her waxy ears until they bled
She brushed fake her teeth clean
   until the gums became a ravishing red and sore with blood
At night she cried in her death sleep and
   choked on her salt tears

Her husband wakes up
   and cleans her ass full of waste and debri
   from the restless night
He has a fag in the dawn light
   looking at his love

She raises herself upwards
  giving birth once more
  to a hairless creature of blind faith and albino devotion
It stinks of raw fish in the smoltering hot room
The paint chips and falls
And the vinyl player dances
Scum baby, Scum baby

The baby delivers his blue eyes
And the theatre audience looks on
The husband wishes he had a fuck
And sweet jane gives good head

After her bladder gives new
She gets up on her all fours
Wham Bam Thankyou Mam husband hops on board
And whales the fragile chalked woman
From behind
   way up in the ass

And the day starts once more
Married for only two years
On the west coast of Florida
They keep making children with no eyes and
   velcro hair
Both previous spouses
   died in horrible car accidents or natural causes

The doctor came today and tied up the husband
   real good
The doctor fucked his wife today
And now the husband knows candle pain
The children scatter on the household floor
   immitate their dying parents
   by playing house and doctor
   with toys from the closet and cubbard

The doctor leaves
   untying the husband
   leaving him to clean up the mess on his wife's
   old sagging tits
And sending the bill in the mail

The aging couple repeat yesterday's day
  and when they lay to sleep
  once again
They pray that they will be the first one to die
  so they will not once more be in mourning

 1999 David Greg Harth @ 1515/296 New York City @ 1515/296 New York City @ 1515/296 New York City
Memorial Day Weekend 1999