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September 11th 2001 (Version 3)
I remember:

In the months September and October
constantly turning a corner on the streets of New York City
and running into a funeral procession of bagpipers and fire trucks
draped in black. Seeing firefighters salute one of their own, draped
in the American flag. Even before I would turn that corner, the
bagpipes would echo a haunting reminder through the corridors of
the tall buildings and city streets. The beat of the drum, the tone
of the bagpipe, the rhythm of the march; all a reminder.
I would glance up to the sky and wonder. My wonderment would only
be interrupted by a constant pair of F-15s circling the skyline.
You would hear the swift shreak and shrill as they passed the bitten city.

I remember September 11th. I could not communicate with anyone via
the telephones or cell phones. Every try ended with all circuits busy or the constant busy signal. Wether calling in Manhattan or Brooklyn, or upstate New York, Long Island or New Jersey. Florida or Virginia or any other state. You couldnąt get through. I found that email was the best way to communicate.

Every 6 hours I would make sure I was at my studio to change the VHS tape in my VCR. I recorded the news stations from 9am Tuesday September 11th continuos for one week straight. I continued my archive of the video footage throughout the month of September and to the announcement of the WAR and following certain developing stories. Iąm currently on tape #35 I believe.

I remember on September 11th. I saw the mass exodus of people walking North. As soon as I stepped out of my studio, I saw peopled covered in debris on Elizabeth St, hugging and walking together North. I was headed to St. Vincent's hospital to donate blood. I offered them a sincere hug.

I was taking the A train home from Columbia Presbyterian Hospital at 168th st (the last stop I attempted to donate blood at.)  It was now late afternoon and some subways were running some routes. The mood on the train was eerie. All of the passengers had a unique look on their face. And all were talking of the earlier events in the day.

I remember on September 11th. Feeling helpless. I knew my family and friends wanted to make sure I was alive and well. Yet, at the same time, Iąm sure they knew I was. Not because I didnąt work in or near the World Trade Center; but because they know me to be a strong survivor. I felt helpless though. I would have given my life for anyone of those that perished. Anyone. But all I could do was watch the rescue efforts and help in anyway I can.

I remember.

© 2002 David Greg Harth