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September End

Month's end is here
My eyes shed lonely tears

My heart is bleeding
Like the Antarctic Sea

Love for you has not disappeared
The symphony awaits your attendance

Passenger trains are filled
With but one love

When blue eyes of Kansas met blue eyes of York
No one told us there would be a solar eclipse


I wish not to sleep alone tonight
My sheets await your arrival

Do not stay out too late
I'll keep the light on

Claim that you are free
And become my forever angel

You are my compass to life's journey
A path in the commitment of two warm hearts


Take my hand
Waltz with me

Through the hall of love
Showering arrows from heaven above

I'll put on my finest suit
You'll wear your softest silk

We'll dine on the breadth of the moon
Backlit among the lights of Paris


Let my tongue greet your October thighs
Like it has never done before

It's me down below
Licking at your morning dew

Let our cries of tender desire
Rattle the ground that all others walk upon

And let our love making sweat
Make the sun jealous


Month's end is here
My eyes shed lonely tears

The autumn air has moved across the Hudson
Each day gets colder as they go by

I hear the screams from your heart
Your deepest part always welcomed

A sunset without you in my life
Is like volcanic ash filling my lungs at night

I leave my love with one last sentence
Live as if there were no tomorrow

 2006 David Greg Harth