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Banana Toothbrush
You might not think
But this is indeed
A love poem.

I'll be your monkey
And you'll be my duckling
You'll have my banana
And I'll have your quack.

I see your toothbrush
Every day staring at me
I wonder when you'll use it

Unravel the laughter
Sing songs out loud
Even bananas and toothbrushes
Can be coming around the mountain, when they come.

Call me in the morning
And let our eyes meet once more
Declare you are mine
And I'll be yours

I welcome you to the Heart of Harth
Please step inside
Find a cozy spot to curl up
And stay a while.

When we do our river walk next
At the end of the night
Let me walk you to your door
And kiss you goodnight.

 2006 David Greg Harth