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Shoe Thieves
Yes, it is a corporation with business personnel,
A cathedral with levels of hierarchy,
A stadium with players and teams.
Yes it is a government with laws,
A playground with rides,
A human with systems.
Yes it is a world of thieves and burglars who steal your ideas.
But what is most important in this shadowy world?
In this world of quietness, darkness, and expression.
It is not competition,
It is not black clothing,
It is not hair on our skulls bursting with ideas and concepts.
What it is, is shoes.

Shoes, some give a damn, some do not.
But all in all, one picked those for some special reason.
Looks, comfort, support or credibility.
It does not matter, shoes are important.

Shoes tell us where you have been, and where you are going.
They tell us about you, your style and personality.
Black or hot pink.
Leather or plastic.
Clear or opaque.
Laces, buttons, zippers, or buckles.
High heels or flats.
Long or short.
Platforms or glitter infested.
They help the other cannibals in this little world.
To see you and to see through you.
Our world of our own.
Our world of shoes.

 1995 David Greg Harth