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Silent Moment, Silent Fantasy
It was for only one moment.
I caught your eye for that single moment.
The rush filled my veins.
My heart quickly pumped my body full of my warm blood.
It was for only a short while.
A paused moment in time.

It was wonderful. Beautiful. Like nothing I have ever experienced.
Ever witnessed. Ever felt. Ever thought of.
It was beyond belief.
It was a single moment in time.
Beyond the most intimate fantasies.
Beyond the most intimate connections.

For one silent moment in time.
You caught my eye.
Our eyes connected.
We held eachother for eternity.
Like a single flame in the fire.

Nobody saw the moment.
Just you and I.
Experienced in its silent epic.
A story untold to thousands, unreal.
A silent moment, a silent fantasy.

 2001 David Greg Harth