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Silently Destroyed
Without warning -
	I was attacked

The deadly serpent
Has been stalking me
Watching my every move for the past few months
Watching my comings and goings
Watching my daily routine

She tortured me
She wailed her songs
She lured me with her dance
She punctured my tough skin with her razor sharp teeth

She sucked everything out of me
She removed all of my vital organs
She dug out my heart from its skeletal shell

Without warning -
	I was attacked

The serpent came
Quietly and slowly
From behind she crept
Beneath dark winter clouds
While time was passing on the evolutionary clock

I didn't see it coming
These terrorist tribunals
These tremendous troubles
These explosive endearments

She stole my season
She captured all my reason
She made me commit to love's treason

Without warning -
	I was attacked

Night and day
She ate me alive
And she hijacked my heart

Now I am defeated
And now I am destroyed

 2011 David Greg Harth