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Sinking In Sorrow
I am sinking,
Water up to my neck,
I can't help my ache.
Wanting you
Like never before,
Never healed.
Never in love.

I am sinking,
Over the rush.
Climbing and tackling,
Taking the journey
Head on.

I am sinking,
Following your steps.
Avoiding the flood.
The drops of pain.
Love is all around.
I'm here,
Always for you.

I am sinking,
My heart is breaking.
An ensemble of
Cloaked mourners gather.
Under dark skies
Bagpipers play.
Drowning out these
Tears of love.

I am sinking,
I've written you a love song.
I'll whisper it in your ear,
As you get lost
In my arms.
I am sinking.

 2005-11 David Greg Harth