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Sister, Sister
Sister, Oh, Sister, Sister.
Wont you pick up the phone anymore?
Ive called you over and over again?
Called out your name, I needed you to listen..
You shut me out.
In time of my need.
Im a crying man and you didnąt listen.
You weren't there for me.
Oh, Sister, Sister.

Singing your gospel
Spreading your love around town.
Oh, Sister, Sister
The storm is over
Pick up the phone,
And call my name at home
Listen to my cries
Feel my pain
Im out of the ward today
No more green glass buildings for me.
No more high mounted American flags for me.
Oh, Sister, Sister.

Lets gather around the musician at center
Share our love, hold hands, embrace one another with hugs of joy
Lets sit on this sand and among these peoples
Share our eats and drinks
Oh, Sister, Sister

Listen to me
No need to runaway
Im here for you,
And when you are here for me,
I am eternally grateful
You are my Sister, Sister,
My gospel lover
My chanting lover
My baby's mother

Oh, Sister, Sister
Oh, Sister, Sister
Donąt let me shed those tears
Donąt let me travel to the tropics
Donąt let me become what I have most feared
Oh, Sister, Sister,
Wont you pick up the phone now?
Its me ringing on the other end.
Please pick up,
Oh, Sister, Sister.

© 2002 David Greg Harth