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Sock Pimp
You pusher
You Swiss Mother Fucker
Bringing your Euro trash wants to
America's K-Mart and Target and Hanes Catalog Order
You Swiss Mother Fucker!

You trailing behind my gold striped socks
You trading in your comfort greys for black thins
Pushing and pulling and putting on and taking off
You waiting in line for the Mode and Vox and Architect!

You bulldozer sprayer, hand holder, Shinjuku fish eater, squirt maker!
You waffle maker, breast molester, radiology tumbler, fowl mouth kisser!
You fart smeller, shit blood remixer, rock star, Mountain Dew addict!

You Swiss Mother Fucker!
Sock pusher, Sock hustler, Sock whore, Sock pimp!

 2009 David Greg Harth