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Some Say
Some say I'm a copy cat
Some say I'm like others
Some say I write about the same things
Some say I use too much fowl language
Some say I have too many references to sex
Some say I'm too violent
Some say I'm too disgusting
Some say I'm too lengthy
Some say I owe them more

Isnt weird
That no one has said the magical words?
Or wonder what really goes on?
Sure they all contemplate
They all think
They all attempt
They all persuade
They all wish
They all figure
They all calculate

But know one knows about the bleeding
Or the sprouting
The feeding or the growth
Nobody hears about the untitleds
Or the music which inspires

No one knows about the fantasy trips
Or the daydreams
About the timeless revolution
Or fascination with my own

Some say things they shouldnt
Some should say things they do not
Some should share more and not hide
Some should contact and quit playing giving in

Some fall
And some catch
Some feel the approach of heat
While others are eaten by coyotes in the desert land
Some ran away from it all
To go up upon with the other stars
Some come back
And realize they left someone

 1998 David Greg Harth