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The Sound Of Silence
I hear nothing
She made me keep quiet
An orchestra of violins
And ultramarine hues

Asian sun
Humid air over my two moons rising
The ocean steps foward on white sands
Three times I called out
No return, no echo

Shaved my self clean today
No stuble on my jaw
No under arm hair or eyebrow hair
Just an empty road taken alone

Curving and bending
Oncoming cars and hotel tips
My army shirt
Afternoon tea and biscuits
She made me deaf

I drown in the pools of my tears
They swallow my body and shadow
And I sink to the bottom of the dark blue
In the coldness of silence

As Iım kneeling down infront
I hear an angels voice calling my name
Breathing in the ebony air
Wrap my arms around empty self

My tears of salt and past drop to the floor
The aged wooden floor absorbs my history
And the dreams of fallen teeth
Fly up to the windows from beneath my stained self

I hear nothing
The thoughts in my head
Yells from my father and mother
Wind birds on my shoulder

The silence now buried
And you can kiss the air and taste the scent
Chisel my name into your stone heart and memory
Always remember that I cared you

İ 1999 David Greg Harth @ 296 @ 296