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South American Blood
I see your taint eyes
Like a tranqualizer at night
Cool ocean breeze
And swarms of bees

Your cold black ovals
Eyes squiniting at me
Hearing your accent
A puke of innocence

Your black reversed letters
Commanding P's
Your voice ringing bells
And alarms forgotten

Suicide phone calls
And dripping juices
Crimes and borders
Patrols of dinero

Thinking of multiples
And your name
Wish I knew it
And had a daisy in my hair

Feeling strokes
Wish I knew those folks
Rhyming with hatred
And tired old tires

Burnt lungs
And tropical trees
Mothers recalled
I missed the delivery

I missed your arms
Hardly knew you
You approached me beneath virgin lights
All I was; was a fashion freak

You rise a club
A dish or two
I eat plenty
Of your lost vision

 1998 David Greg Harth