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Swiftly moving
In this underground galaxy
Beneath rivers of imports
And solid granite rock
In long metal cans
Conditioned with cold air
Stuffy urine sweat
Or wet dogs of August heat

I travel to and from
Among every colour and background
With Puerto Ricans, Koreans and Indians
With Germans, Greeks, and Chinese
With Christians, Muslims and Jews
With punks, preps and beauty queens

Each shade of a person
Next to me
I'm the minority
On these orange seats of paradise

We are all in transit
Dressed in black
Or the monk's cloth
Short skirts and platforms
Or jeans below the knees
In our suits and ties
And grandmother mothballs
In our Yankee caps
And Cole, Karan and Klein
Reading, jiving and gazing
Writing, listening, and sleeping

We ride at night
And sunrise must
We travel for dollars
Five borough hollers

This is my New York City
My journey, my home

 2009 David Greg Harth