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Spit, Blood, Fire (New Year's Day 03)
Fire did not come
Snow Rabbit did not arrive
Cat ran off
Other cat has been called

We saw a rockstar
Bought chewing gum on Prince Street
Had my smoked chicken
On Mott Street
No gangs here
Just outside
But a beauty of blonde
Writing creatives just under my bills

A toast at home
Shirt removal too
Went to ten and one
Visited the lesbians

Left rather quickly
Brisk walk
Did not go
Lounge around back
For One Twenty Five

Turn round the corner
What do you see?
Tom & Jerry's and a big T.V.

She thought he was hot
He ate her arm
She hugged he and he and her and her and even me
She felt her ass
We all bought drinks

I asked for a better hug
She gave her pussy to her Three Thousand Dollar Ass
Laughter shared
But no B. here
Fun times round
Minnesota, Wisconsin, run into the ground

The beautiful librarian kissed
Smacked in the nose
The blood dripped down
Fifty Dollar shirt, now blood stained memory
Fire on the corner
Put out the fire
Saved a life

Saved a life
On New Year's Day

 2003 David Greg Harth