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Starbucks Whore & Folgers Pimp
I will not hide
Declare the truth from deep inside
Broadcast my desire
The hills of Athens are on fire
I want to cup your perfect breast
From my palm to my mouth
Ideas simply suggest

So remove your penna from your given
Install wishes to your lady's driven
Touch your soft skin to mine
Let words intertwine

Round honey stare
Your skin sensitive and bare
From hourly champagne
To your splint with her in the rain

This is the break, the part, the area when you become a whore
From corner to corner you always want more
Bring up the coffee to your rose lips
My caffeinated tongue shall trace the outline of your hips

But who am I? But just a Folgers Pimp
My beating heart has a continuous limp
Alone in my world of compositions
With coffee, we'll have multiple positions!

 2009 David Greg Harth