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Starting Ending
If you are entitled to only
One dream and one heart,
How do you pick?

If you can not pick, can not select
If you can not control time,
If you can not do so many things
In the limited time of life
What shall you do?

Sleep in your coma?
Give birth to your children?
Love your lover?

Do you sing your songs?
Believe in your religion?
Carry your Bible?
Take it to the longest day?
The poetry? The diary? The drawing?

What will you do?
When you have but one choice -
One choice only?
Do you discard your memory?
Your experience? Your future?

How do you decide?
What makes the decision?
What starts the fire? What makes the heat?
What drowns the sadness? What makes the tears roll?

How does your day get better?
How worse?
How common?
How do you tell the truth? Or live a lie?
How do you live the truth? Or tell a lie?

How often are you real?
How often are you someone else?
They ask -
What will you do? What should you do?
Some day -
It may be just the day you are in love with
While the day, is not in love with you

 2008 David Greg Harth