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two doves sitting in a tree
two birds chirpping at the morning sun
one's beauty in a reflection at the pond

a picnic for two on a grassy green hill
an oak tree
and butterflys too

television and the media
humor and the people who make it
music to my ears
and your whispers too

a cool breeze
or warm hug
a scented red rose
or a furry little friend,
my pussy cat

an enchanting evening
for two at the lakeside

a lover surrounded by candlelight
bathing with too
water down the back
or whipped cream too

a dare devil inside

a close dance
body against body
grinding passion
and intimate wonders

philosophy, pornography and people too
beauty and earth itself
and oh my galore!


a fetsish for navels
eyebrows and eyes
perfect hair

skin to touch
caress once more
a belief in blood
and a beach night calm

seasons changing
warm and wet
cold and mine

an embrace
a smile
and painting you

and ice cubes

and desire

and most of all
she herself
being who she is
she stimulates me

 1998 David Greg Harth