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Weekly Planet
April 1 - 7, 1998
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Author: Sterling Powell

Rolling in the dough. Saturday I decided to escape the Final Four madness and check out the opening at Gallery at 145. The new show, Artists Working With Photography, features work by j.s.g. boggs, David Greg Harth, Jennifer O'Brien, Ski, Angela Dickerson, David Breeze, Francine Gianetti and gallery owner Tiffani Szilage. During the reception Harth, a New York-based artist screened his film "FOOTAGE." If you like feet or Andy Warhol's films "Sleep" or "Blow Job," you'll like "FOOTAGE."

Boggs and girlfriend Megan Brown lured me to a small party they had after the opening -- with the promise of a surprise. I didn't think much of the small brown vinyl suitcase, but the $100,000 inside was quite a surprise. After boggs spread out he bills on the floor of Megan's apartment, he asked if anyone wanted to lie on the cash carpet. As David Greg Harth and Boggs shot photographs, Megan, Brenda Ramos, Tiffani Szilage, and Angela Dickerson frolicked in the greenbacks. Others enjoying the sight were Jon Karl Holm, Glenn Chang and Donald Jerome Butler.