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French Elle Magazine
A Dollar With A Message
November 26, 2001
No 2917 Pg 18
Author: Stephanie Chayet
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English Translation of the article is below.

New York, A Dollar With A Message

Tattooed with red or black ink on thousands of banknotes, the little messages of New York artist David Greg Harth - "I am not afraid" or "I am not terrorized" - nicely re-invent the Coué(*) method Harth, who began to stamp green bills in the awake of the attacks, hopes to circulate 100,000 notes. Enough to bring, as he states, 'subliminal comfort' to most New Yorkers. Is it the effect of these famous banknotes? The New Yorkers, at any rate, proved only hours after the crash of the airbus A300 over Queens that they know how keep cool.

(*) =
"Emile Coué, French pharmacist and psychotherapist (Troyes 1857 - Nancy 1926). His studies of psychology led him to a method of 'self suggestion' applied to the eurythmy of the human organism."
Coué invented a psychologic method that consists of telling yoursef over and over again that 'everything is fine'.