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The New York Times
Sunday Styles: "Marked Bills for Patriotic Purchases"
November 4, 2001
Section 9 Pg 3
Author: Soren Larson
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A New York-based artist is putting the tools of capitalism to double use - by putting his mouth where his money is. The artist, David Greg Harth, has been stamping United States paper currency with one of two phrases, "I am not afraid" or "I am not terrorized." The bills are then put back into circulation in the time-honored way with the goal of providing subliminal comfort to skittish consumers.

"The point is that I will continue doing what I do," Mr. Harth, 26, said. "I will create art, go out for dinner, go to a concert. The terrorists want to kill us by destroying our economy and productive spirit. It's not going to happen. We will continue to be free to play, work, earn - and spend.

Don't be surprised if one of the declarative dollars ends up in your wallet because Mr. Harth is hoping to mark at least 100,000 of them with his red or black slogans. He has friends stamping away across the country and even has a connection working in Berlin. So far, more than 25,000 bills have been stamped in the United States, Mr Harth said.

This is not unfamiliar territory for him. In 1998 Mr. Harth tagged bills with the legend "I am America." But this time around there's a greater workload - and sense of urgency.

Those interested in joining Mr. Harth's stamp act may visit www.davidgregharth.com/dollars. He will send a stamp (free, but it must be returned) or exchange a check or money order for marked bills.