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RubberStampMadness Magazine
"Have no fear..."
July/August 2002
Issue 124, Pgs 120-121
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Have no fear...

In New York City, folks are still dealing with the aftermath of September 11. Susan Smpadian returned to rubber stamping after a long hiatus. She says stamping helped take her mind off the tragedy.

New York artist/stamper David Greg Harth says he wonÕt be terrorized anymore. And he means it, putting his money where his mouth is by stamping U.S. currency with appropriate slogans.

Harth has been stamping on currency since 1998, but the terrorist attacks gave new urgency to his art-making.

"I have an ongoing art project in which I stamp U.S. currency with various phrases," he says. "The first one I did was 'I AM AMERICA.' I started that in July of 1998 and stamped over 100,000 bills and put them in circulation. Then I released 'I AM NOT A DOLLAR' in July 2000 and 'I AM TRUST' in July 2001.

With the attacks on the World Trade Center, I have released two new phrases and four new stamps [in varying formats], 'I AM NOT AFRAID' and 'I AM NOT TERRORIZED.' I stamp anywhere on the bill, in red or black inkÑon the front, back, upside down, or right-side up."

This artist has been profiled in The New York Times and featured on CNN, among other media outlets. If you'd like to contact him, write David Greg Harth, P.O. Box 20397, PACC, New York, NY, 10129. Visit him on the Internet at www.davidgregharth.com.