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Japanese Cosmopolitan Magazine
The Battle for the Restoration
February 1, 2002
Issue #24-2nd Pg 113
Author: Shu Hirata
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English Translation of the article is below.

The Battle for the Restoration

Power to the New Yorkers --- Stamped Dollars Project ---

The war is not over yet. Since the end of the cold war, the America has become the greatest power of economy in the world. It has been for three months since the twin towers, that symbolized the American greatest power of the economy, collapsed.

The America is attacking in reprisal against Afghanistan with full power of their politics and military. However, New Yorkers are facing to another battle, the battle named Restoration.

Still the air smells of wreck on windy day in down town, and the fear of anthrax virus crosses your mind every time you open a mail, and in the city there are so many notices to search missing people.

We should not forget this detestable event occurred this time. But if we get depressed, it will be considered that we submitted to the terrorists. The messages of the Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani and the Governor Gorge Pataki are often reported on TV. Even Woody Allen, the most famous New Yorker, as a movie director besides an actor, who has never cared about TV commercials so far, is now showing his brilliant (?!) ice-skating at the Rockefeller Center for being as a proof of the New York's energy, and cheering up the people at the same time. Also, all celebrities from fashion field and Hollywood wear in black for formal situations, to mourn for the people who passed away on this atrocious event.

However, there are not only these like campaigns to heal people's mind. One is that, in New York City where many live alone, indoor plants being a partner of their lives. Since the terror-event happened, the sales result of indoor plants has been increased a lot. This reflects that people wishing to calm down are increasing.

Also, with his hope of peace for people's wounded hearts, David Greg Harth in New York started "dollars art project." He stamps "I AM NOT AFRAID" or "I AM NOT TERRORIZED" on U.S. dollars, and the stamped message on the dollars circulates from one to another.

This is officially considered to be a defacement of currency as a violation of the United States Code. But this project is introduced on New York Times and CNN, and drew the public attentions.

Once a dollar is stamped, it is supposed to loose the currency value and will be unable to be used. However these David's stamped dollars are passed and passed into other hands in many places.

"If, even one person meets this bill, and feels relief or courage to live in his/her future, I am glad enough." People sympathize with his thought, and they rush to order the stamped bills. David said that he has stamped one-dollar bills more than thirty thousand so far. And also said David, "Every time I hand out my stamped bill for my shopping, a cashier softly smiles." The momentary smiles will hopefully heal people. Certainly it might be against law, however, nobody has never refused using the stamped bills yet.

"How sloppy they are!" you might want to say, but this seems the source of their power. Yes, New Yorkers are now very willing in their minds, to be live powerful.

******* The most popular of indoor plants, Paper White. Paper White, native Israeli plant, is the highest ranked indoor plant of peoples' preference. It grows in only little sunlight and water, to a height of 35cm, and bloom with sweet and refreshing smells. To let it grow, place a small bulb in some water or soil.

******** Exists more than thirty thousand!!?? Stamped Dollars Project. There are two colors available, red and black. Visit the studio of Mr. David Greg Harth in East Village, or send a check, and he will exchange single bills for the same amount of your payment. In other words, he charges no fee on stamping. Although sending currency by postal mail is illegal, once stamped, it is said that it becomes not currency, therefore able to be sent by postal mail service.