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Switzerland's dimanche Newspaper
Special Manhattan Resurrection Section: "The Artists Between Documentation And Activism"
September 8, 2002
pgs 12-13
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English Translation of the article is below.

The Artists Between Documentation And Activism

In another register but with the same urgency, David Greg Harth, an artist who lives a few blocks from the towers, has printed phrases as declarations to terrorists such as "i am not terrorized" or "i am not afraid" on one-dollar bills that he has exchanged in the street. To this day, more than 200,000 bills are in circulation. "I wanted to act fast, communicate rapidly, what is more rapid than money, especially since the WTC was financial symbol", explains the 27-year-old artist, who realises the contradiction of using the symbol of the american power as support.

Dimanche.ch; 2002-09-08; Seite Z12; Nummer 36