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LAPIZ International Art Magazine
"El arte no es el capital / In favour of imaginative economy"
November, 2009
Number 257; Pgs. 26-53
Author: Juan Antonio Ramírez

Exceprt from the article:

Invented money, manipulated money.
Artists have frequently manipulated money or invented notes and coins mimicking monetary systems created and monopolized by the State. Brazilian artist Cildo Meireles did both in some of his first works. In 1970 he created Insertions in Ideological Circuits, an appropriation piece in which he stamped precise political texts on wide-circulation legal-tender banknotes, such as "Yankees go home". This idea (the bank note as the support for parasitic messages) has been used subsequently by artists such as David Kam or David Greg Harth, whose conceptual interventions have a lighter political load.

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