Apple Project
Performance Work
Humans, Apples, Uniforms
Project Needs Funding
New York, New York



A performance art work to occur in the autumn at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, on the front steps. Groups of people in hazardous materials uniforms (see photo) with a special design will place apples on the front steps of the museum. One apple after the other. The apple placers will work in groups, not talk with each other or the random people on the steps. When the group approaches someone sitting on the steps, they will wait for them to leave before placing the apple. The event will be documented with photographs and videotaped.

What I need for the Apple Project to happen:

Volunteers to place apples
Volunteers to videotape or photograph the event
I need apples, lots of apples. (I can donate the apples to a shelter after the performance.)
Transportation of the apples and volunteers
Producer for the event

Support This Project:

Please email me if you would like to support this project. Whether it be financial assistance or if you wish to volunteer.