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In 1998 David Greg Harth stamped the words "I AM AMERICA" on a US 1-dollar bill. That started a large project which is both social and political. I started stamping various messages on U.S. currency and other world bank notes. I then circulate these stamped bills by trading and spending them. The most circulated note was the "I AM NOT TERRORZIED" phrase with over 1-million stamped notes in circulation. Other messages included "I AM STATE" and "I AM NOT CHURCH," "I AM HIV +" and "I AM HIV -," "I AM OIL," and many others. Check out all the bills in the "I AM" series as well as other money art works. These can be found in the INSTALLATIONS/SCULPTURE/MULTI-MEDIA section of the website.

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Please email me if you would like to trade bills with me of the current message.