Grave Nude
Performance Work
Dug grave in earth, wooden ladder
Project Needs Funding
New York, New York



Artist = David Greg Harth
Performance Art Work = "Grave Nude"

A grave would be pre-dug by professionals in a plot of land. Standard size grave with a depth of six feet. A wooden ladder is needed to be lowered into the grave to allow the nude artist and nude viewer to climb down into the grave for the performance. At the beginning of the performance, the artist is already sitting in the nude at the bottom of the grave. When alone, the ladder is always in the grave. After a viewer climbs down the wooden ladder to join the artist, the ladder is then removed from the grave.

The artist is sitting with legs crossed in the nude facing the far end of the grave. (facing the ladder) When a viewer enters the grave, the ladder is removed and the viewer than sits with legs crossed facing the artist, also in the nude. Both the viewer and artist then sit quietly observing each other as other viewers observe the performance from overground above the grave. The viewer will be notified that the artist does not plan to speak. However, this does not require the viewer to be silent, nor is it set in stone that the artist remains silent.

Each participating viewer is in the grave with the artist for five to ten minutes. A viewer can make a reservation in advance for a longer experience during the performance. When the viewerıs experience is done, the ladder is placed in the grave and the viewer leaves. The next viewer then takes the spot of the previous viewer. The artist will do this performance for three hours. During which two 10-minute breaks are taken after each hour. Viewers can make reserved appointments in advance or if no reservations are currently planned, viewers can wait in line to experience the performance.

The performance will be video-recorded and photographed. Any participating viewer must sign a model release form.


1. Insurance to cover liability of viewers getting hurt. Falling into the grave, grave walls collapsing, ground collapsing, ladder breaking etc.
2. Construction of wooden ladder, which will be saved as part of the art work
3. Professionally dug grave
4. Photographer & Videographer & films
5. 1-2 Persons to maintain ladder placement & removal and guidance of viewers and protection of the artist & participating viewer.
6. Perhaps a medical kit at the site for emergencies, perhaps some experienced in the area of medical emergencies.
7. Any permits needed by the State, Town, County, of where the grave would be dug

Support This Project:

Please email me if you would like to support this project. Whether it be financial assistance or a space to execute this performance work.